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a bathroom with a shower and a mirror

Are you exhausted from sharing a single bathroom with an increasing number of family members?

If your answer was yes to those two questions, an ensuite is probably the best idea all around for you and your family.

Ensuites are today a common feature in most Irish homes. An ensuite is a bathroom that is linked to a bedroom, usually, the master bedroom, but it can be attached to any bedroom. Having a private bathroom retreat attached to your bedroom not only adds value to your home, but is also a great way to relieve the morning stresses and rushes in the master bathroom.

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Ensuites are a great idea for couples and families alike.

An ensuite makes your living space more convenient, it is very close by at night, and since there are no hallways to walk down, there is less likelihood of disturbing other people in the home.

What’s more, you can install an ensuite bathroom or shower room in much less space than you might imagine.

a bathroom with a blue wall and a toilet

We offer a wide variety of bathroom designs, bathroom furniture, and shower enclosures.

With a whole range of modern, traditional and designer sanitary ware options to choose from, at Odyssey Bathrooms, we will help you make the right choice for your home, for your personal circumstances, and for your budget.

Why not get in touch with us and make queuing for the bathroom a thing of the past?

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Ensuite is essential

Even if you are single and living in an apartment, an ensuite can be your relaxing retreat and will make your life easier and a whole lot more practical. It will look good, and more importantly, it is an excellent investment that will add value to your property. An ensuite is usually the first choice when it comes to installing an additional bathroom, and some buyers won’t even look at a property if there’s no ensuite.

a bathroom with a sink and a tub


What is an ensuite bathroom?

Ensuite literally means “in the room”. An ensuite bathroom is a private bathroom exclusively connected to a room, most often the master bedroom that may or may not have a bathtub as showers are a prevalent option when it comes to ensuites.

Does an ensuite add value?

In short, yes! An ensuite bathroom is one of the most sought-after features potential buyers look for in a property and can add substantial value to a property.

Can I fit an ensuite in my bedroom?

If your bedroom is spacious enough to be partitioned off, there is no reason why you couldn’t. Adding an ensuite bathroom is always a fantastic way to upgrade your home.

Is it worth adding an ensuite?

To put it in short, Yes! There is no denying the fact that a functional, well-designed bathroom ensuite is a fantastic addition to any house that not only adds value but will also provide a sense of spa-like luxury.

Does an ensuite need a bath?

Ensuites are generally secondary bathrooms complementing an existing master bathroom. Although some do come with a bath, in most cases, there is usually no need for a second bath. A shower is more indicated and preferably used.

Does ensuite mean private bathroom?

Yes, as it is implied in the definition, an ensuite bathroom is basically a private bathroom that is connected exclusively to a bedroom, usually the master suite.

How big should an ensuite bathroom be?

Having in consideration all the essential elements that should be present in an ensuite, namely shower, basin, mirror, towel rail, WC and lighting the minimum dimensions should be approximately 150cm x 130cm.

Does an ensuite need a shower?

An ensuite bathroom, by definition, has a toilet and comes equipped with a shower and/or bath.

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