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a bathroom with a sink and shower

Relax in style! From stunning feature walls to the light fixtures and floor tiles, our modern bathroom ideas and bathroom decor are guaranteed to make your life easier.

A modern bathroom is an excellent idea in any style of modern home, but can also add a stylish and innovative twist to an old property. Giving you the option to either continue a modern theme or to add an element of mix into a Victorian or Georgian home, a contemporary bathroom makes a real statement. With a focus on clean lines and minimalist finishes, a modern bathroom is practical as well as stylish.

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The key to modern design

Simplicity is the rule, a modern-style bathroom is elegant and has clean lines and can easily become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort, working well in bathrooms ranging from tiny to gigantic.

Think about new storage solutions that will enable items to be hidden so that the room appears more minimal in decor and spacious.

a bathroom with a blue vanity and a round mirror

Our modern bathrooms feature cutting-edge design and ingenious storage solutions.

At Odyssey Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with innovative ideas that you might not necessarily have thought about before. If you’re interested in installing a modern bathroom in your home, maybe a new modern master bathroom or the modern luxury bathroom you´ve always wanted, why not get in touch or visit our bathroom showrooms so we can help you achieve your dreams without blowing your budget?

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Keep the decor minimal yet luxurious and practical

When designing a modern bathroom, think of clean lines, clutter-free, and neutral decor. The emphasis is on simplicity with a contemporary edge and high-tech solutions, so things such as modern power showers, discreetly built-in cabinets, and cupboards with luxury finishes are the focus.

Whether as a turnkey project or as a consultant as to the type of building material best suited to your project, we always ensure a modern, functional and comfortable bath space.

a bathroom with a sink and a shower


I'm looking for a more minimalist look in my bathroom. Should I opt for a modern bathroom?

Yes, you most definitely should. Modern bathroom designs favour open spaces. They are all about simple, clean lines and uncluttered, minimalist areas.

What do modern bathrooms look like?

Think minimalist, luxury, open spaces – a modern sanctuary for both function and relaxation. Less is more when it comes to modern bathrooms: geometric shapes, uncluttered counter spaces and a clean look and feel.

I have a small bathroom. Can I opt for a modern bathroom design?

Yes, you can. Just because the area is small doesn’t mean it’s destined to remain a strictly practical room. Simplicity is a key when it comes to modern bathroom design, so just make sure that you are keeping space open and free of clutter.

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From concept to completion, we deliver stunning results quickly. Contact us today and start enjoying the luxury of a new modern bathroom in no time!

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