No matter how big or small your home is, there’s always space for a downstairs loo.

Once upon a time, one upstairs bathroom was suitable for all the family needs, but times change.

In our days, the family unit tends to expand with children living at the family home late into their twenties, and the need to accommodate elderly parents and in-laws makes it insufficient to have only one bathroom in the house.

If you live in a house that has a WC upstairs only, you’ll know how inconvenient it can be from time to time. Installing a downstairs toilet or cloakroom is simpler than you imagine and costs a whole lot less than most people think. You don’t need to break down walls or build any extensions to your home.

Downstairs WC’s, or Cloakrooms, are a fantastic addition to any home.

The benefits of a downstairs WC are many; they are very convenient for children and an excellent idea for elderly or less mobile people, sparing them having to continually go up and down the stairs every time they need to use the bathroom.

They are also a great investment as they increase the value & salability of a house.

You need virtually no space to make it possible; if you have under-stair space or a portion of a room you can use, this could be the perfect place for an additional toilet.

Have in mind that installing a downstairs toilet directly beneath your upstairs bathroom or near the kitchen will help reduce the plumbing costs.

Let us take care of your downstairs WC renovation for you.

Whether you’re wanting to renovate your downstairs toilet, or are considering creating one in an unused space, we can help you.

Once you’ve established where it’s going to go, at Odyssey Bathrooms, you can choose from either a modern or traditional look to suit the rest of your home perfectly.

We will take care of everything from start to finish and project manage the whole process, so you don’t have to!

No longer will you need to let your guests, kids, or elderly parents go upstairs in search of the loo or form a disorderly queue outside your overworked family bathroom.

It might be the smallest room in the house, but that is no excuse for not making a statement with your new toilet or cloakroom.

You can create a design to suit your house style and decor. Add some beautiful tiles, space-saving furniture like maybe a compact vanity with a wall-mounted mirrored cabinet above the basin for extra storage space and add proper lighting. You might end up spending more time there than you ever thought possible.

So, contact us now, and sooner than you think, you will be enjoying the freedom of your very own downstairs WC.


Does cloakroom mean toilet?

A cloakroom is basically a small downstairs bathroom that consists of a sink, mirror, and toilet. It is a small secondary bathroom convenient for large families and where guests can use the toilet without having to use the family master bathroom upstairs.

How much space do you need for a cloakroom?

Cloakrooms are small spaces by definition, but in order for a Cloakroom to be functional since it must include a toilet and basin, it should be at least 70cm wide x 130cm long.

What is the best flooring for a small bathroom?

In small bathrooms like Cloakrooms, Ceramic, and Porcelain tiles are the best choices. Not only they look good but are also impervious to water and extremely easy to install in such a small space.

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Odyssey Bathrooms offer a FREE No Obligation consulation service in your home.

We measure, assess pipework and following that provide a full “fixed price” quotation with realistic 3D Design images based on your requirements. Our quotations include the bathroom suites, tiles and fittings as well as the labour costs.



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With a whole range of modern, traditional and designer sanitary ware options to choose from for your new ensuite bathroom, at Odyssey Bathrooms we will help you make the right choice for your home.
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At Odyssey Bathrooms we’re experts at planning and installing wet rooms that look great.
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It might be the smallest room in the house, but that is no excuse for not making a statement with your new toilet or cloakroom.
So contact us now and sooner than you think you will be enjoying the freedom of your very own downstairs WC.

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