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traditional bathroom

No matter whether your bathroom is big or small, achieving a traditional look is possible with the right planning and some great ideas.

It’s no secret that vintage has seen a rise in popularity, hence a sudden surge in requirements for traditional bathrooms. More so than ever, we are seeing people reverting to timeless classics when it comes to interior design, and adding a Traditional Bathroom tends to be one of the elements on the cards to help compliment the style of a traditional property.

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Timeless classic

One of the great things about traditional bathrooms is that it’s a style that never really goes out of fashion, so if you are looking for something for longevity, then traditional is the style for you! Classic oozes elegance and sophistication.

traditional bathroom vanity unit

At Odyssey Bathrooms we have a great range of traditional bathrooms.

From the timeless classic bathroom of the elegant line, a luxury mixing of the old with the new, to the quality and style of the boutique line without forgetting the elegant and timeless styling of Vitoria sanitary ware that makes it the ideal classic bathroom solution for period homes, the possibilities are vast.

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Here are some of the characteristics of traditional styles bathrooms

Traditional can be created, no matter what the size of the room, so don’t be put off! Even the smallest of bathrooms can be a tranquil space fit for royalty when designed and fitted with the correct suites.

If space doesn’t allow for certain features, the look of luxury traditional can still be achieved within the finer details of the design.


How can I create a traditional bathroom in my home without making it look too dated?

Especially for those living in a period property, traditional bathrooms are a great idea. However, traditional doesn’t have to mean dated. By selecting the right pieces like claw-foot tubs, pedestal basins or crosshead taps, you can achieve that classic, timeless, traditional look that is guaranteed to look as good in a decade as they do now.

Do traditional bathrooms refer exclusively to a specific period era?

When we think of traditional bathroom designs, what generally comes to mind are the Victorian and Colonial styles. And the fact is that traditional bathrooms do take inspiration from historical periods in terms of decors, designs and materials; however, they don’t necessarily have to be connected to a specific era.

Why should I choose a traditional bathroom design?

Traditional bathroom designs are classic and timeless and never go out of style. They make for a welcoming, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere creating splendour spaces perfect for you to unwind and relax.

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