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a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Small or large, modern or classic, there is one element that stands out, particularly in any bathroom design, which is the shower area.

Yes, bathtubs are amazing. There’s nothing like a relaxing bath after a long, stressful day. But there are times when it is best to opt for other options.

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So, what is a wet room?

A wetroom is a fully waterproofed bathroom where the shower area is level with the rest of the room.

You can choose and use any type of tiles for your wet room. They can be porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, or ceramic tiles. Just make sure that the floor tiles are anti-slip to make the area safe to use.

a bathroom with a glass shower and sink

Wet rooms are a very desirable feature. They help to create a very appreciated, luxurious, spa-like ambience in the bathroom.

Wetrooms can be installed successfully on any floor of a house and even in an apartment if you choose the right fitter.

Not only are wetrooms great to look at, but they’re also highly practical too. Needing little space to look fantastic, with the right team behind you, you can have one installed in next to no time.

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Plus, they offer several more benefits and advantages:

  1. Wet rooms are ultra-stylish and ideal for creating a luxury, contemporary look.
  2. As a secondary bathroom, a wet room will add value to your home
  3. Perfect for smaller bathrooms – having no bathtub creates a lot more space.
  4. Wet rooms are easier to clean and maintain.

If the work is done correctly by professionals, your floor is more protected than it would be in a standard bathroom. And since all rooms are waterproofed, any splashes from the bath or sink don’t cause any worries.

a bathroom with a shower and toilet

Wet Room Planning & Installation

It’s true that wet rooms can be a bit more complex than your conventional bathroom when it comes to installation. Still, the complexity is of no concern for our trained professionals, who are highly experienced at doing so.


What is a wet room?

A wet room is an entirely waterproofed bathroom with no visible distinction between the showering area and the rest of the room as the whole space is fully watertight with floor gradient drainage system not requiring a tray or shower screen.

Are wet rooms a good idea?

In short, yes! Wet rooms offer multiple benefits, such as being particularly suitable for those whose movement is restricted since they present much more convenient access to the shower than traditional bathrooms. They are also quite straightforward to maintain and clean and very importantly, improve the overall quality and value of the property, especially as a second bathroom.

Can you have a wet room upstairs?

Yes, upstairs or on any floor of the property. It is always possible to adapt any bathroom into a wet room independently from its location on the house.

Are wet rooms practical?

Yes, since they comprise an open, fully waterproofed shower area, the layout is particularly suited to the elderly and all those whose mobility is restricted being easily accessible by someone using a wheelchair. A wet room maximises space and is also quite easy to clean and maintain.

What is the best flooring for wet rooms?

The most popular choices when it comes to wet room flooring are porcelain tiles as they provide a beautiful, hardwearing contemporary look and finish. It is a versatile, cost-effective solution with plenty of styles and colours to choose from.

Can I make my bathroom a wet room?

Short answer, YES. Wet rooms are very versatile and can be installed in any bathroom, large or small and on any floor of the property.

Does a wet room add value?

Yes! Installing a wet room as a second bathroom will definitely add value to any property, bringing that extra “wow” factor that buyers so much love when the time comes to sell the house.

Do wet rooms always leak?

The short answer is no! Properly installed wet rooms are completely waterproof. To create a wet room, you will need the help, and the expertise of experienced tilers, plumbers, and fitters as all space needs to be waterproof, the floor needs the right drainage gradient, and the tiling needs to cover all the room. Wet rooms that leak have almost always been improperly installed.

What is the point of a wet room?

Installing a wet room is a great idea. Not only does it add functionality to a home being extremely practical, especially for people with mobility issues and creates a certain luxury spa ambience, but it also reduces cleaning time and requires less maintenance than conventional bathrooms. And is very appealing to potential buyers should you choose to sell your property.

What is the difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower?

Basically, a walk-in shower typically features a shower tray and one or two glass screens while in a wet room the space is completely open plan and the shower area is the entire bathroom with the water flowing away through a drain in the floor.

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