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If you’re looking for small bathroom design ideas, you’re in the right place.  No matter whether you are creating a new bathroom or are looking for small bathroom remodeling or renovation ideas, at Odyssey Bathrooms we can help you make the best decisions for the space you have available.

Although we take on projects of all sizes, we’re very aware that sometimes the most challenging is making an impact in a small bathroom; but rest assured, it can be done.  There are various things you need to take into account to get it right and in very broad terms, they are: overall layout, shower, sink and tile options as well as storage.

Layout Ideas

When it comes to bathroom layout ideas for small bathrooms or small spaces, the overriding advice is: less is usually more.  For example, if you must have a bath, think small models as well as avoiding elements that “cut” the room such as shower curtains or shower screens.  When it comes to storage, think clever and create visual tricks using tiles.  When considering your options for small bathrooms, it often helps to think about how hotels manage to squeeze so much into so little space.  Revisit (in your mind) hotel bathrooms that you’ve been particularly impressed with and pick out the features that you liked and this will give you a good starting point.

Bathroom Showers

There’s no getting away from the fact that if you can, you should consider a wet room style shower that feels part of your overall bathroom.  This style of shower means that you have no visual divide in your room to make it feel smaller.  Creating an illusion of much more space than you have, wet rooms are also highly popular and will give your home more appeal.  What’s more they cost less than you might imagine.  All of that said, if a wet room isn’t an option for some reason, then a stall shower with a bench can normally be neatly installed behind the door with a toilet alongside.

Bathroom Sinks

Wall mounted taps and even small model twin sinks will give your small bathroom the luxurious feel everyone is seeking without stealing too much space.  Keeping your sinks along one wall if possible means you’ll maximise the impact without using up valuable space.

Bathroom Tiles

In the same way that big patterns have a tendency to make big bodies seem bigger and small the opposite, the general rule of thumb is the same with tiles.  If you have a small room, it’s normally best to choose small tiles.  Think mosaic or brick style tiling as the safest option.  However, breaking the rules and putting big tiles or apparently seamless tiles can create a real statement and if you make the right choices, can bizarrely sometimes make your room seem bigger.

Bathroom Storage

If you need storage space in your small bathroom, try to get it off ground level and have it at eye level.  Even better, if you can store your bathroom necessities such as stocks of towels and toiletries elsewhere, this is ideal, but if not, either a well placed tall vertical cabinet or a wall mounted horizontal cabinet will give you the best space:storage ratio.  Be clever with the likes of towel rails and place them between sinks, over toilets or below windows to get the most from the space you have available.

Thereafter, don’t forget that your choice of colours and lighting can either make a small space seem dark and gloomy or wash it with the illusion of space; so make sure you get good advice or make great choices on your colours and lighting.

At Odyssey Bathrooms we have tons of experience when it comes to designing and installing stunning small bathrooms and we’re here to help you with your project.  Why don’t you contact us now so we can chat you through the options?  At the end of the day, it costs nothing to chat and you might be very pleasantly surprised at some of the ideas we have.

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