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No matter where you are in South County Dublin, you can have a new bathroom quicker and easier than you think.  If you’re one of the many people who are holding off making their life easier, happier and more pleasurable by having a great bathroom because you think it’ll be loads of hassle or cost a fortune, today’s the day to think again.  At Odyssey Bathrooms we’ve worked our socks off to make changing bathrooms as easy as a walk in the park.  By your side through every part of the process from design to installation, the only thing we don’t do is scrub your back!

When you choose Odyssey Bathrooms you get immediate access to a team of bathroom experts who are adept at planning, managing, fitting and finishing everything from complete replacement bathrooms to the installation of ensuites, the introduction of wet rooms and the addition of downstairs cloakrooms.  No matter how big or small your bathroom project, we have the team that’ll get the job done on time and on budget, every time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide you want a new bathroom or you want to add an ensuite, a wetroom or an additional WC.
  2. You contact Odyssey Bathrooms.
  3. You either come to us or we come to you to discuss your dream bathroom.
  4. Our planners and designers listen to your wishes and work with your budget to make sure you get what you’re after.
  5. Once you’ve agreed the plans, we agree a work start date and schedule.
  6. On the day the work starts, our team comes along to remove your old bathroom and install the new plumbing.
  7. Day 2 sees the carpenters and construction folks in action.
  8. On the third day, it’s time for the electrics and the tiling to start and it’s at this point that you’ll really start to see how things are going to fall into place.  And remember, this is only Day 3!
  9. Two more days to go and you’ll see the tiles getting grouted and the finishing touches going on the structure.
  10. On the last day, your bathroom fittings will arrive and will be installed and the final fix will take place.

It really couldn’t be simpler and most of our clients agree that before working with Odyssey they wouldn’t have believed that a job that they expected to be a nightmare could go so smoothly.  With your own dedicated Project Manager who knows your job and our team inside out, you have one point of contact and one person who controls everything on your behalf.

Part of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen, the trained staff we employ at Odyssey Bathrooms are all incredibly proud of what they do and want to make your installation as pain free and as quick as possible.  Add to this the choice of bathroom products we have on offer and the innovative design team we have in-house and you soon start to see why more and more people are coming to Odyssey to solve their bathroom headaches, no matter whether they want a contemporary or classic look.  You owe it to yourself to try out the Odyssey One Stop Shop to a new bathroom.

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