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Are you exhausted with sharing a single bathroom with an increasing number of family members?

Is your morning ruined by having to wait in a queue to shower or shave?

If your answer was yes to those two questions, an ensuite is probably the best idea all around for you and your family. Why not think about having an ensuite bathroom or bathroom suite installed in the master bedroom of your property?

Ensuites are a great idea for couples and families alike. 

An ensuite makes your living space more convenient, it is very close by at night, and since there are no hallways to walk down, there is less likelihood of disturbing other people in the home.

It also provides constant access to additional bathroom facilities and makes it easier for everyone to get up, prepare and be out the house as soon as they need to.

What’s more, you can install an ensuite bathroom or shower room in much less space than you might imagine; perfect for both small and large spaces, it is the king of bathroom luxury as you can use it as your haven to unwind and relax in the privacy of your bedroom.   

Even if you are single and living in an apartment, an en suite can be your relaxing retreat and will make your life easier and a whole lot more practical. It will look good and more importantly, it is an excellent investment that will add value to your property.

We offer a wide variety of bathroom designs, bathroom furniture, and shower enclosures.

With a whole range of modern, traditional and designer sanitary ware options to choose from, at Odyssey Bathrooms we will help you make the right choice for your home, for your personal circumstances, and for your budget.

Why not get in touch with us and make queuing for the bathroom a thing of the past?