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Lightening up your bathroom is trickier than lightening the other rooms in your home. Usually, bathroom windows are smaller and use frosted glass. This means using natural daylight is often not an option.

Light can have a massive effect on the feeling of a room. Brightening a room gives it a spaciousness and cheerfulness even on the dullest of days. Even if you have a small bathroom, just brightening it up a little can make a big difference to the feel and atmosphere of the room.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you brighten the smallest room in the house!

Accentuate natural light with clever use of mirrors

If you plan to undertake a major renovation, then increasing the size of the bathroom window(s) is a great way to introduce more natural light into the bathroom. However, in most instances, this isn’t an option. Luckily, the strategic placement of a mirror or two can increase the amount of natural light that floods your room without any major renovations.

Placing a mirror on the opposite wall to your window and situated to maximise the amount of light it reflects will dramatically increase the brightness of your room as the reflected light fills the room.

The size of the mirror is important to try and capture and recycle as much light as possible. Be bold and fit the largest mirror the available space can accommodate. This also gives the illusion of the room being larger.

Additional mirrors and reflective surfaces

Still on the mirror theme, as well as a large mirror to reflect as much light as possible, little mirrors and other reflective surfaces also help and can produce some pretty stunning effects too!

Strategically placed smaller mirrors can help bounce the light around the room and can also produce some beautiful shimmering effects. Using bathroom mirror cabinets and cupboards that have mirrored doors is an easy way to start but adding small decorative mirrors that often are easily attached to surfaces with sticky pads adds to the lightness of the room.

Chrome fixtures and fittings are another addition that can accentuate the amount of light in the room. Chrome is highly reflective and always looks modern and clean. Using chrome-finished items like towel rails can add a lot of light to a small room.

Change the lighting

This is an obvious solution, but it is often overlooked as an expensive or inconvenient option. While this can be the case, there is still a lot that can be done with little expense and no rewiring. Existing light fittings can easily and quickly be changed to brighter systems. In many cases, just fitting a brighter bulb is all that is needed.

Additional wall lighting can also work wonders. Although this may need some extra wiring, the results can be well worth the while.

Finally, when considering lighting for bathrooms, it is essential to select lighting that is certified to be safely used in wet environments.

White is king!

White is the most reflective of all surfaces and using as much of this as possible in your bathroom has a dramatic effect on the brightness of the room, particularly when paired with chrome fittings and fixtures and those strategic mirrors.

White bathtubs, sinks, shower trays and curtains, cabinets, and mirror surrounds, are amongst the many options that will help brighten your bathroom. While this may sound somewhat clinical, it is easy to add a few touches of colour to stamp your own personality onto your bright and fresh bathroom.

Simply adding a touch of contrast with some light pastel shades can also help add some character without detracting from the overall brightness. If you are using white tiles to decorate your bathroom, try including the occasional delicately coloured or subtly patterned tiles. However, avoid using dark colours that will hinder the overall brightness of the room.

Remember the floor!

The floor can play a big part in the brightness of the room. Understandably, people shy away from white tiles on the floor as they are easily marked and stained and also show up the slightest bit of dirt.

Select a bright tile that incorporates a bold pattern instead. This still adds brightness to the room while allowing you to stamp your personality on the décor.

Odyssey Bathrooms helping you make the most of your bathroom

At Odyssey Bathrooms, we have years of experience in helping people get the most from their bathrooms and turning the smallest room in the house into a bright and airy space that adds value to your home.

Why not contact us today and find out how easy it is to renovate your bathroom.

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