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Bathrooms have altered rather significantly, due to the evolution of technology and design; the way we choose our bathrooms these days comes with an abundance of choice, like never before. Innovative, fresh new ideas and modern advances allow for luxury, traditional and modern designs. Still, whichever style of bathroom one chooses, all comes down to personal choice plus a preference for a certain style.

So, when it comes to Modern vs Traditional, which one is right for you?

Let’s take a look at the two styles to help you decide.

Modern and innovative

One of the most notable things about modern designs is that they tend to be rather minimalistic in design and highly advanced when it comes to innovation. If you prefer the no-fuss approach to style, then modern is, without a doubt, a style for you. It’s also considered the easiest to clean since everything is spacious, clean lines and minimal.

Modern designs, while being very practical, sometimes may lack in luxury design if we compare it to traditional that is very ornate and elegant. Making a choice will depend on what your preferred style is.

Matching styles to homes…

Most of the times, people opt for designs in-keeping with the age and style of their home. Traditional properties tend to have traditional bathrooms and kitchens to combine.

Traditional and luxury

Traditional tends to be considered more luxury in terms of design, more elegant. When it comes to aesthetics, it generally tops the list for its beauty. Think about ornate traditional with elegant bronze taps and freestanding bathtubs.

Today’s practical choices ‘Taps and Baths’

Most taps today are generally chrome, and when it comes to water flow, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Most people are favouring contemporary designs when it comes to taps and washbasins, and we can understand why. A firm favourite is the ‘mixer’; it requires just one spout which allows for varying temperatures of water flow, controlled by the movement of the handle, and let’s face it that’s as simple and effective as it gets! The good news is that if you still want that Victorian and Edwardian traditional look, there are also some great options available, all with these modern advantages, featuring a shower mixer handset and finished in luxury chrome.

When we think of traditional bathtubs, we think of freestanding tubs. Before showers rushed the daily clean-up ritual, vintage soakers encouraged bathers to sit back and relax. Albeit not as popular as they once were, nothing beats the aesthetics of a stylish and elegant claw foot bathtub. Still many are preferring a more modern bathroom approach with a wetroom or shower enclosure instead. The top reasons tend to be the practicality of showers and space restrictions, as houses today are becoming smaller in size and people are seeking more space-saving options. Still, another reason is due to the advancements in shower units and how they tend to use less water and are more efficient than they used to be, this help to reduce energy costs and saves water. Modern showers these days come in a variety of options from powerheads to multiple heads with jet sprays and even steam heads to resemble the sauna experience. Having said that, there are a lot of people that simply find that nothing else beats a good old sock in the tub, especially after a long hard day.

Whichever style and design you are looking for we have something to cater for all needs, so take a look at our suites and see what options are available.

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