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Many people delay investing in a new bathroom because they expect it to be a huge job that drags on and brings lots of upheaval.  However, if you have the right team on board, it needn’t be that way.  There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams fitted from start to finish in 5 days.  At Odyssey Bathrooms we have the process down to a tee and you even get your own appointed Project Manager who coordinates everything for you, so you don’t have to.  Here’s how it works:

1.    Out with the old and in with the new.  On Day 1 of your new bathroom installation, it’s important to remove all the elements of your old bathroom and install the new plumbing.  In order for this 5-day installation programme to work like clockwork, a good plan is essential.  Making sure that all the t’shave been crossed and the i’s dotted on the design and installation of your new bathroom is essential before removing any part of your old bathroom.  Once your old bathroom has been removed, the perfect clean space will be left for the new plumbing to be installed.

2.    Preparation, preparation, preparation.  On Day 2, when the pipework and plumbing are in place for your new bathroom, the carpenters and builders will be able to get to work to put in place any framework that is required to support your new bathroom suite as well as any building alterations that are planned.   In most cases, it will be feasible to carry out this work in one day, leaving the room clear for the electricians and tilers to come in to do their stuff.

3.    Wiring and tile fixing.  With the old suite out of the way, the plumbing set up for the new in place and the framework and construction work done, the electricians can get in to your bathroom to make sure the wiring is spot-on as well as making space for the tilers to get your floor and wall tiles in place.  Once again, this process shouldn’t take more than a day and at this point you will really start to see your new bathroom take shape.  No matter whether you’ve chosen a traditional, modern or designer bathroom, by this point in your 5-day challenge, you’ll be able to imagine yourself lounging in a nice hot bubble bath.

4.    Grouting and finishing.  Day 4 sees your tiles getting grouted and the finishing touches being put in place ready for the stars of the show to arrive on Day 5.

5.    The exciting bit.  Day 5 is arguably the most exciting phase of your new bathroom development and is the day when the different elements of your new bathroom will be put in place.  The sinks will be fitted, the bath installed, the toilet connected.  Once they’re in place, the taps will be fixed and the seals applied.  At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that the show’s over, but then there’s the finishing and final fixing, which is where every element of your new bathroom will be checked, checked and double-checked to make sure they’re working to full efficiency and there are no leaks, drips or drops.  At this stage, you’ll be able to wave “Goodbye” to your fitters and get your accessories in place in preparation for enjoying your investment.

So as you can see, a new bathroom needn’t be an invasion, it needn’t take forever and with the Odyssey Bathrooms on your side, it’ll be a stress-free and rewarding process.  If you’re hesitating investing in a new bathroom because you think it’ll invade your life for an eternity, it’s time to think again.

If you’d like to find out more about the 5-day bathroom fitting service we provide at Odyssey Bathrooms, why not get in touch?

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