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Do you feel that your bathroom is entirely out of fashion? The tiles that a few years ago were the cry of fashion, suddenly became ugly and depressing? Do the cabinets complain about the years?

Do you lack storage space in the bathroom for your skin and hair products, cleansing lotions, softeners, day creams, night creams, shower gel, exfoliators, shaving foam and all the rest?

By the space that it is, and the humidity that concentrates there, is your bathroom suffering small damages that need to be fixed?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you should consider giving a new look and feel to your bathroom. By changing the tiles, organizing your products by putting new cabinets and smart & practical storage space, your bathroom can soon be more pleasant and the space you always wanted it to be.

So, now that you are thinking about doing a bathroom remodelling, here are three aspects that you should take into account even before you begin planning:

     1. Maintenance

It is essential to opt for finishes that are not only easy to clean but also to keep as new. This not only saves money and time on maintenance but also makes your bathroom last longer without further remodelling.

     2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly important in the overall value of a house and also, of course, from an environmental point of view. Plan a bathroom with LED lights, insulated windows, heated underfloor heating… The ideas are vast, and you can take them into account in the planning stage. How about asking for expert help on the subject? It might be an extra investment, but in the future, it may turn out to be a great overall decision.

     3. Luminosity

Everyone is looking for bright and open spaces. The lighter your bathroom be, the better. And if you are going to invest in remodelling the bathroom, then it is best to do it in a planned way. You do not want a dark, gloomy bathroom at all. Also, you should invest in mirrors – they reflect a lot of light and give a fresh look to the space.

There are a few tips you can follow to create a bright space such as adding windows and skylights, use lighting for different purposes in the space, and opt for lightweight finishes and surfaces that reflect light.

For those who want to have a modern bathroom, it is vital to remember that functionality and the use of proper quality materials are essential for this style.

Relaxation Spaces

The modern bathrooms have become relaxation spaces where you can enjoy exclusive moments, read a good book or take a relaxing shower. The bathroom turned into a real living space.

Because it is a place of relaxation and comfort par excellence, the bathroom is a place where harmony and good taste must be in every detail and every choice of decoration.

New materials and new shapes

Brands are now trying to innovate producing quality bathroom furniture using more refined materials. Today there is an immense diversity of shapes, colours, and materials, which allow decorators to combine the various pieces, thus achieving excellent decorative results.

The growing concerns about the decor of bathrooms made them more welcoming, with more vivid colours and more modern furniture. The modern bathroom thus became a space with more life.

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