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And that hotel room that makes us dream? … WOW!

You can tell us that this is one of your dreams, we won’t tell anyone, it’s a promise.

If once we talked about having a bedroom and a bathroom, in the same space, but divided by two areas, nowadays, is in fashion having the bathroom inside the room, in an open space, airy, bright, worthy of Pictures in magazines and the best hotel rooms. It’s like having a SPA, a full-time relaxation zone just for you giving a romantic side to the scenery, a more dashing and attractive room.

In short, a dream place, if already by itself the bathroom gives us everything we want, and we need every day to relax and feel good. And if the room gives us rest, comfort, well-being, then what can we say of the two together? … we have reached the peak!

If you want to create this little oasis in your home here is everything you need to know and take into account before proceeding with this fabulous project.

Plan the space:

It is a fact that we can only advance with this idea if our room has space for such. Otherwise, there is no possibility to put a bath or a shower. However, if your room already has an ensuite, you can always open up the area by breaking the walls and leaving it with a single open space, airy, bright and full of romanticism. See the best place to put the tub or shower. Always taking into account the need for plumbing.

A bathroom inside the room needs to be as functional as possible, so, if the whole area is open, the toilet which would remove all delicacy from the scene should not be installed, and just install the bathtub or shower and maybe the washbasin. However, if there is a separation, by shelves or by a small wall, then you can think of having a complete bathroom. There are these two possibilities for you to choose, according to your needs and taste but regardless of the option, the result will certainly be superb!

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