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Today the bathroom is a personal refuge, a place of silence and relaxation, so design and convenience play an increasing role in this trend.

A luxurious bathroom is above all, a comfortable bathroom which gives pleasure to use. Increasingly, the choices of materials, technology and construction techniques we choose influence the use we make and even a small bathroom can be luxurious and pleasurable, provided care has been taken in its projection and elaboration.

In fact, the bathroom design, its construction and the materials used, will dictate not only the comfort and practicality of the bathroom, but also its durability – a quality that we may not give that much importance to at first glance, but is of extreme importance in everyday life.

The perfect bathroom should provide a smooth fusion of luxury and functionality.

The Bathroom should be equally a suitable space for relaxation and hygiene. Although it can often be left to last in the renovation of a home, ideal taps and tiles contribute, as well as that perfect cabinet, to the overall aesthetics and feel of your bathroom. Many times, upgrading a bathroom can be as simple as making some carefully chosen cosmetic changes.

A Luxury environment stands out for its details. We are in favour of the claw feet baths, lavatories with sculptural feet and baths with rose petals.

In an environment with a contemporary design, the Retro line is a poetic hymn to the simple nature of the bath with ritual featuring design details from the past but with the modern Luxury.

In our luxury spa, there could not lack soft towels lodged on a hot radiator to dry ourselves with every convenience, and a restful lighting system that invites long bubble baths.

Follow these tips, and you will soon have a bathroom that could easily be mistaken for a luxury spa.

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