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The vast majority of homeowners want to make the most of every division of the house. Perhaps because of the intimacy factor, the bathroom is a division of which people show great concern and care when building or renovating.

Before you start renovating your bathroom, to maximize your experience, there are a few things to keep in mind. We will cover them next.

Choose a decoration.

Choose pieces of furniture with simple and subtle lines, not too corpulent. Your bathroom should be a private space for relaxation, where you feel good. To add a touch of class to your bathroom and make your bathroom renovation experience more enjoyable, opt for refined decor with small, luxurious appointments.

Try the bathtub before you buy it.

When you start renovating your bathroom, you may be led to think you need a large tub. However, a piece of that magnitude will possibly occupy too much space in your bathroom, taking away place for the remaining furniture and decoration.

Choose sturdy flooring.

The ideal flooring for your new bathroom should be of a durable and water-resistant material. Choose materials such as marble and ceramics for the floor for greater comfort and better appearance.

Choose a shower area.

Consider a bathroom renovation that incorporates a shower area. Its use will most definitely turn out to be more frequent and practical than the use of the bathtub in your day-to-day life.

Invest in a good mirror and lighting.

A good lighting system in conjunction with a modern and classy mirror are must-haves in your bathroom. When remodelling, make sure you install these two elements, and you will feel the difference in your morning rituals.

The right Tile for a perfect renovation.

The tile, especially in the bathroom, regularly assumes the function of protecting against moisture and ensuring the absorption of water, while transforming and beautifying the space.

Be an ingenious buyer and look for the right tile for the area you are going to remodel.

Wall Tile – There are several options for wall decoration of your bathroom. If you want a more rustic environment, give preference to natural stone, which perfectly combines with almost all interiors. Marble and granite continue to be the traditional and also the most convenient options for cleaning.

Shower Tile – Shower tiles help create the ambiance of your bathroom. They can invigorate the senses and convey the serenity you seek. One of the concerns will be to combine the tiles of the shower with the wall, without losing any of its functionality. Another important issue you should take into account is safety. Normally the smaller tile is less slippery, and the way of placement makes it the safest option. However, if you choose large format tiles, choose those that have a suitable surface and resistance to sliding.

Floor tile – The bathroom flooring requires regular cleaning as it is in contact with splashes and dirt. If you are looking for greater comfort and cleanability, choose ceramic or porcelain tiles on your floor. This type of tiles also offers water accumulation resistance, making it more secure. Wood is a material that provides a different dynamic to the bathroom. If you choose this material, pay attention to the quality and guarantee of the wood.

Porcelain is one of the trends of tiles these days. The technology allows different forms of porcelain printing, which makes the element more important in interior design.

With so many different combinations, colours, sizes or drawings to choose from, selecting the perfect tiles to renovate your bathroom will primarily depend on the use and personal preferences.

Now it´s time for you to get to work and start renovating that outdated bathroom.

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