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The bathroom space is the most private and intimate division of the entire house. We spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom during our lives, and it is there that the day normally begins and ends. The size, materials, furniture and even the function of the pieces in the bathroom may vary, but not the importance of this space in our homes.

In the following lines, we will try to answer some most important questions about this very special division.

How should I plan my (perfect) bathroom?

Firstly, you have to take into account that this has to be a practical and functional space because it will be in permanent use. But this does not mean that you should forget the aesthetic side and the design of the space.

And when we are talking about bathrooms, the size of the room matters: in larger rooms, you can install spacious bathtubs and separate showers, while in small bathrooms this may not be possible. Think about how you can add stand-alone showers, corner wash basins, and units that add both bath and shower functions.

The use of colour is also important – so keep in mind whether you want strong tones or opt for anything more neutral and relaxing.

Another crucial aspect is to take into consideration how the bathroom will be used and by whom. If you have limited space that will be used by the whole family, then practicality takes over, and it is probably not as important to make it more luxurious or beautiful. The functional side always overlaps with the aesthetic. If you have more space to spend with this room, plan every detail of the environment to make the most of this space.

How should I renovate my bathroom?

The renovation of a bathroom is always tied to your budget, which means that you need to consider in advance what you need to change. Are there several small problems, or should all tiles be replaced? Replacing key elements such as the shower, washbasin or toilet can be expensive and complex. Those who want to avoid or postpone a complete renovation should focus on the smaller details for a fresher environment. Believe that even with small changes the final result can be stunningly beautiful. Changing a shower curtain, a door or having the antique cabinet lacquered can make a total difference in your old-fashioned bathroom. Do not forget that often the problem is even a lack of lighting: introduce direct and indirect light and turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.

What are the most appropriate materials for walls and floors?

Recently, wood floors have become a very popular choice for flooring, since it creates a warm and natural atmosphere, which is not always achieved with ceramic tiles. However, the ceramic option usually wins by being easy to clean and totally waterproof. In part, this depends on the bathroom style one has in mind.

Nevertheless, it´s important to recall that there are already products that protect your wood from humidity and there is also ceramic with appearance and touch very similar to wood.

For walls, white paint and tiles remain popular, but wallpaper designed especially for bathrooms can be a captivating and imaginative alternative.

How to decorate a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms are more complicated to decorate, but even then, there are still many options available. Choosing the right colour scheme will be very important, so try going for lighter colours to avoid making the bathroom oppressive and claustrophobic. Small bathrooms with showers can make the most of the limited space as well as corner washbasins, while decorative objects such as flowers or strategically placed decorative patterns can make all the difference having the power to make the room more pleasing and elegant but do not over do it. Moderation is the key here.

What colors should be used in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are most often idealised in light shades, such as whites, pastels, and blues, as opposed to bright reds, oranges, or greens.

Light colours give the feel of more light and space in smaller bathrooms. Stronger tones are more effective in bathrooms of larger dimensions. A mix of turquoise and green-water can be a good compromise for normal sized spaces.

Where to find ideas and inspiration for bathrooms?

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