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Nothing better than a change of season to serve as an excuse to change the look of your whole house.  The month of April is the ideal time to make a house renovation, to make improvements in your home that not only make it more comfortable and appealing at an aesthetic level but will also increase the value of your property.

Renew essential points

Some of the basic rules for valuing a property are to give a new painting, to review the floor or to replace the carpet and the tiles, to cover the holes accumulated in the walls among other things. Also, take the opportunity to clean ceilings and thoroughly wash the tiles. Depending on the state of the property floor, it may deserve your attention. Consider replacing it if the situation is worthy of the investment.

Insulate the attic

If you can only choose just one improvement project for your home, choose to upgrade the insulation. Aside from being the only project that pays for itself – it’s relatively affordable to get started. An insulated attic can save you between 10% to 50% regarding bills related to heating or cooling the house.

Place a new entrance door

A good front door should be more than aesthetically pleasing – not to mention that it should protect against the natural elements (and potential intruders).

Replace windows and doors

Replace doors or windows that are more damaged, thus improving the insulation of your home. These improvements can have a major impact on your home’s valuation, especially if they result in a decrease in monthly billing.

Change House Divisions

Consider throwing down a wall of an interior room to give it a more open space look, add a new room to the house or a porch to your garden, making the space more pleasant.

Update the electrical system

If your home is old and has an old electrical switchboard, consider replacing it. Reform electrical outlets and switches. To value your home with a relatively low investment, change old plugs and switches. But do not forget that, for the final impact to be what is expected, even to the aesthetic level, it is best to change everything so that the transformation is uniform and not just the material that is in poor condition.

Change the bathroom toilet and the kitchen top

The kitchen and the bathroom are the divisions of the house that more accuse the use over the years.

Change the pavement

If your home has a type of floor that has gone out of style (like some mosaic patterns), consider renovating. Invest in your home. Bet on common areas and increase your well-being.

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