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Imagine a luxury hotel, that great double shower, the large bathtub, the countertops with double sinks, and space for everything… who wouldn´t want to recreate this ambiance at home?

Turning your bathroom into a magnificent spa or at least a more comfortable space is possible even with reduced investment, and the money that you might spend renovating your bathroom will always be money well spent. Not only your new beautiful bright sanctuary will inspire you to start your days in the best way but will also improve your life’s quality.

The floor that makes the difference.

Regarding the bathroom floor, Tile is the most common material and has the advantage of having infinite possibilities of combinations of colors, patterns, and dimensions.

Accessories and decorative tricks.

There are 1001 options, and it´s hard not lose your head. Sometimes is enough to merely change the bathroom accessories to get an excellent effect and give a lush frame to the bathroom.

Change your old radiator to a stylish new heated towel rail and add a beautiful feature to your bathroom.

A towel rail will not only heat the room but will also modernize and give comfort to your bathroom.

Or maybe install a new vanity… The choices are vast, from modern to contemporary, elegant fully fitted furniture is always a perfect option when it comes to giving your bathroom a more luxury feel.

And to give that special Spa look and feel, finding the perfect shower is essential. From electric to power or thermostatic showers the choice is yours.

Lighting is the key!

If the bathroom has no window but is located on the upper floor of the house, it may be possible to install a skylight.

Artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation should be carefully considered – a good choice of luminaires, which create a soft, warm tone light in the lavatory area, will make all the difference to the way this space is lived.

A mirror cabinet with LED lighting is also an excellent option.

With some of this small changes, you will never want to leave your new bathroom!

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