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When it comes to buying a bathtub, you have many things to consider, first of all, you have to consider the size because with so many available you have to be practical about what size bathtub will fit your space. Aside from size, there are so many more things to consider, such as style, features, and capacity, etc.

To help you make the right decisions we’ve put together this guide, listing all of the considerations;

Step 1 – Think about the available space

Space has to be the top consideration since tubs come in all shapes and sizes, and we have to be practical about the amount of space we have available and whether or not the bathtub we like will fit! Now for those who are lucky enough to have plenty of space in a particularly large bathroom, you can skip this part; however, for anyone who has limited space or is trying to find clever ways to make space seem larger, may want to consider this part particularly carefully. So, think about where the tub will go, will it go into an existing space, against a wall or freestanding? Will it house the shower or is that in a separate cubicle? If you are looking for a new model, but the current layout is staying the same, you may need something similar in size, but if the layout is changing, you could have more options available to you, you may prefer a corner style for space-saving for instance.

Step 2- think about features and practicality

So, what are you looking to gain from this bathtub? If you want something simple but stylish then go for just that, there is no point in buying a tub with all the mod-cons if you have no intention of making the most of it. For instance, available designs include spa baths, jet filling designs, and even massaging tubs. Still, unless you are looking for a particular luxurious soak time, there is no point in getting one. Having said that, some bathtubs, which include luxury features, are extremely helpful for people with certain medical conditions, so it may be worth considering all possibilities/advantages of certain tubs and how they could be beneficial to you or anyone in the household.

Step 3- Installation requirements

It’s worth considering the installation requirements before investing in a particular bathtub as some designs are not as straightforward as others. For instance, jet models need space for a pump, air switch, and electrical timers.

Step 4- Tub material and design

There are many options when it comes to the design of a tub, and the material it’s made out of, Acrylic, is generally the most popular since its rather resilient, easy to clean, and affordable. Cast Iron is long-lasting, but heavier and may require extra precautions to ensure the flooring is safe to hold its weight. Glass fibber and plastic are the easiest to install and tend to be rather cost effective, and porcelain is another popular choice due to its practicality with regards to installation and aftercare.

Regardless of the style and design, it’s good to know that there are plenty of choices available and almost certainly something that is ideal for your beautiful Dublin bathroom.

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