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Cloakroom bathrooms or otherwise known as downstairs WC’s are vastly becoming the new trend. Most new builds properties have them come as standard now, as they´re now a popular request from many buyers.

If you do not already have a cloakroom toilet in your home, the good news is, they are not that difficult to achieve, and the benefits of installing one has its perks, it could make a property more desirable to buyers, it may add value to your home and above all else its highly convenient, especially for guests.

If you are thinking about adding this sought-after addition to your home, here are the benefits of doing so.’

Extra bathroom space

You cannot go wrong with adding extra bathroom space to a home, its ideal for families, and it’s perfect for guests. If you add a cloakroom bathroom to the ground floor, it allows guests to use your toilet without having to access your own bathroom space; it means you can separate the two and allow your own bathroom to remain private.

For young children, it’s ideal – as they tend to need to go the toilet a lot- and if the family bathroom is situated on the first floor and involves endless journeys up and downstairs, it could be tiresome. Also, busy households, teens, and mad morning rushes to use the bathroom; I think it’s fair to say that this little addition is any family’s dream.

Equally so, disabled or those who have mobility problems could find the cloakroom bathroom – situated downstairs – perfect for them also, it makes life that little bit easier.

Extra value to your home

Whether you are planning to sell or not, adding extra value to your home is never a bad thing. It’s reported that around 5% is added to the value of the property when homeowners install a cloakroom. Considering the cost of building work (which is significantly less than 5% value) and then weighing up the potential return makes it well worth the investment.

Where to put them?

Size wise you only need to find a space of around 1.5 square metres so that could be some space you already have an isn’t being utilised or it could be created by stealing a patch from another room. Commonly people install them underneath the stairs as it makes good use of this awkward space; other ideas include cupboards or pantry spaces and closet spaces- particularly in bedrooms. If you are thinking of renovating or a new project such as extensions or conservatories, it may be worth fitting one into your plans at the same time.

What are my options?

There are many options available many of which can accommodate the space provided, so if the space is on the small side, you may wish to opt for a wall hung toilet, which has floor space underneath to give the illusion of a larger area. Compact designs are very feasible these days; in fact, you’d be surprised at what can be achieved in such small spaces.

With larger cloakroom bathrooms you have more freedom to add some extra things, such as storage and vanity’s as well as any design of toilet but either way- big or small- both cloakroom toilets will add around the same significant value to a home, so it’s not essential to have a big space.

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