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When you decide to revamp and renovate your bathroom, a niche is just one of the trendy new accomplices everyone should consider. Picture this, a cluttered bathroom with shower gels and shampoos tumbling at your feet in the shower or bulky shelving that is compromising an already small space and consider how much more practical and convenient things could be with better design.

A bathroom niche is just a small addition to construct and enhance a more useable and practical space within our bathrooms. It’s also a way to update and modernise bathrooms for the better.

How does a Bathroom Niche benefit me?

  • What are they?

A bathroom niche can be customised to fit any bathroom and suit everyone’s needs. They are designed for comfortable living, and that’s exactly what they offer. They are typically waterproofed shelving but not your standard types, they are designed to fit specific areas and can be made to fit into tiled walls to create recessed waterproof shelves or alcoves. Unlike general shelving which protrudes from the wall, a Bathroom Niche does the opposite it’s inserted into the wall, so this is the perfect way to create some much-needed space within any bathroom.

  • What are they handy for?

As said above they are handy for creating more space in the bathroom but not only that they are far more practical than your typical shelving, they can house all of your toiletries within easy reach and without the risk of knocking things with your elbows whilst taking a shower, and because they are not made from metal, they do not rust!

  • Where do they go?

Generally, a bathroom niche is built within a shower unit, but sometimes people have them above the bath too. They can be pre-formed and prepared for tile before they are fitted into the wall. They are waterproofed before installation for longevity, and they can be any size you wish. For showers, they need to be practical to house all items of your daily toiletries as well as be within easy reach for all members of the family. This is something you can personally customise to suit your individual needs.

Oftentimes bathroom Niches are installed for decorative purposes as well as practical reasons. For decor people like to place them alongside the bath, they tend to opt for a more narrow design along the bathtub if they wish to use them for simply placing candles or tea-lights but if you want a bathtub Niche for toiletries such as soaps and shampoos you can have them made bigger.

Bathroom Niches look smart in any bathroom if you are planning on updating, they will create extra space, and they are cleaner as well as ideal storage solutions, check them out!


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