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From time to time we all like to make changes to our homes. Bathroom renovations just like kitchen renovations are a great place to start, not only do they improve our quality of living, with much-needed upgrades, but also tend to add value to our properties.

Why we make changes?

We make changes to our homes for a number of reasons, we may want to modernise it, we may have a growing family and now require extra space, we may want to be more efficient and want to save energy and money, or we may want to make it safe as things get damaged and worn over time. Whatever the reasons for a bathroom renovation, it’s undoubtedly going to be a good investment for the long term that’s for sure!

Common reasons why people invest in Bathroom upgrades!

It’s damp and dated! It has had its day, and it’s time to sling out the old and in with the new, dirty and damp is a common fault with many old bathrooms as it’s a place of moisture, a modern upgrade can tackle the issue! No point in redecorating, start from scratch and get it done one time, it will last longer and save more money in the future!

You want to sell! You may be considering selling up and want to add value to your home; a bathroom renovation is an ideal way to add value to any property.

Need more space! People buy houses when perhaps their family was much smaller, it may have been only the two of you, and it worked fine, but now the family is growing, and you need more room, perhaps you can see the potential to create some extra space in the bathroom or even create a new bathroom space in another room?

It has poor energy efficiency! These days being energy efficient is a growing trend, and it’s understandable why, it saves cash! If you have an old bathroom with poor lighting and too much wasted water, a bathroom renovation is an ideal way to invest in a more energy-efficient way of life.

It has bad accessibility! If you plan to age in your current home or may wish to sell it in the future, accessible bathrooms are a great idea. In a bathroom renovation, you can create a wet room or install a walk-in shower for ease in getting in and out. You should also consider placing handrails, a shower seat, and more.

It needs repairing! Odd jobs can accumulate costs especially if it’s something that has to be repeated time and time again, it may be more cost-effective just to rip out the old and start fresh, and if things are broken anyway, it makes sense!

It’s outdated! There may be nothing at all wrong with your current bathroom apart from the fact that it doesn’t look nice anymore, it may be dated, and you want to upgrade to a modern look.

It doesn’t suit your lifestyle! Perhaps you have a bathtub and never use it, and would much prefer a nice power shower or maybe you have a shower and no tub and have young children that would ideally suit taking baths rather than showers? Either way, we all have a particular lifestyle and need our homes to accommodate our way of life. It could be that you need more storage or even less storage, or perhaps you want something easier to clean? Our options are endless with bathroom renovation!

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