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Utilising some extra space to create a combination cloakroom and toilet is a fantastic way of adding functionality to your home, and of course, increasing its market value.

Having an extra toilet on the ground floor has gone from something of a novelty to a must-have, particularly when it comes to selling your property. Of course, it isn’t just useful for selling. This is a quick way of adding extra convenience whilst getting rid of the clutter of damp coats and jackets that usually hang in the hallway.

The great thing about adding a downstairs WC or cloakroom to your home is that for a minimum of space (sometimes space that was otherwise lost) you can produce a room that is functional, practical, and property enhancing.

Here are five great tips to help you make the most out of even the smallest of spaces when planning a cloakroom/toilet.

1.    Plan it around the toilet

When planning your room, the first thing to consider is the placement of the toilet and sink. These are inflexible when it comes to organising your room, so their placement needs to be the first thing you consider.

What type of toilet and sink you choose is very much dependent on the available space. The good news is that regardless of how small your area is, there are plenty of space-saving models that can still ensure your room is practical.

2.    Use light to its maximum

Clever use of light can make even the smallest space seem larger. For instance, if you have natural light, this can be enhanced by the clever positioning of mirrors. Even if there is no natural light, then mirrors can still be used to magnify the existing light sources.

Light colours are also important in making sure the room is bright and looks roomier. This is also enhanced by using chrome fittings wherever possible to add that extra little bit of brightness.

3.    Use wall and ceiling space to its fullest

Recessed lights, concealing the cistern in a wall recess, and using inset cupboards to create extra storage space are all useful for creating that extra space in smaller rooms.

For example, concealing the cistern will allow for a wall hung toilet to be used, which frees up a lot of extra space. This is even more effective when paired with a short projection toilet. This extends less into the room than traditionally sized toilets.

Another great idea to save space is by using a corner sink. These allow sinks to be placed in even the snuggest of rooms without taking up too much valuable space.

4.    To heat or not to heat

Apart from answering the call of nature and hanging or retrieving coats and jackets, this is never going to be the most frequented room in the house. This begs the question as to whether heating is needed or not.

Chances are that this room is going to be sandwiched between two heated rooms or tucked away under the stairs and receiving ambient heat from the surroundings. It could be that heating isn’t going to be necessary.

If heating is important, then there are plenty of space-saving options that can be used. Wall hung fan heaters that can quickly heat small spaces are one option, but there are also some stunning looking slimline panel heaters and radiators that make great options.

And, of course, the dual-purpose option of heated towel rails kills two birds with one stone.

Maximise the storage

Using basins and fittings with integrated storage is another fantastic space-saving idea. There are plenty of clever designs that make it possible to include storage in even the smallest of spaces.

Depending on the size of the room then there are also plenty of slimline options available that rely on height rather than width to add that extra storage without using too much space.

And as we mentioned earlier, recessed cupboards are always a great space-saving option.


Even the smallest area can be turned into a cloakroom and extra toilet. At Odyssey Bathrooms, our design teams can work magic with even the tightest of rooms. This is a great way to add value to your property and help ease the morning bathroom rush hour.

Why not contact us for a no-obligation quote, our one-stop-shop service means quality is guaranteed.

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