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Most newly built homes now feature cloakroom suites as an included commodity and as such more and more buyers are now expecting this to be standard. The convenience alongside the adaptability available through various options of toilets and basins make it also super easy for those who are looking to add a new extra bathroom area to their property.

To keep you up with this trend and show you how you can implement a cloakroom into your house, we give you a rundown on cloakroom ideas and concepts on deck.

Under Stairs WC’s

An extra bathroom space beneath your stairs is an upgrade and an amazing upgrade that you can add to your house.

Firstly, because you will be maximising your property’s area by using a dead space you weren’t benefitting from. Also, having a downstairs bathroom should be regarded as essential to most two-storey houses. The downstairs toilet will prove especially handy when you have guests, because this way you won’t be required to hand them access to your own bathroom and other bedroom areas upstairs. Furthermore, it is also great for family members or friends with reduced mobility or children.

Besides guests use, it will likewise be of great use on those hectic mornings before work or taking the kids to school.

Overall, under stairs has become the most popular choice of space to add a cloakroom, since it is normally close to the main entrance and therefore excellent for guests to access.

Alternative Downstairs Cloakroom Solutions

Not only underneath the staircase can you add an additional downstairs WC. Your house should be looked at as an evolving, upgradeable entity and most rooms are just blank canvas you can mix and match as it suits you best.

Other utility or storage areas such as a laundry room can be rearranged and slimmed down to divide the area and create a cloakroom. Why not make the most of that space where you only have some shelves with few old items you don’t care for anymore? Renovate that area with a new cloakroom for added convenience and increased property value.

Cloakrooms are, in essence, quite small and with the endless range of solutions and arrangements you can incorporate in yours, you can place one in almost any space you don’t use with just a few modifications.

Space Saving Ideas for Cloakroom Suites

Cloakrooms should be simple and organised spaces. Remember, they are supposed to address convenience and quick access. With that in mind, a minimalist approach is advisable and will keep the room looking more spacious than it really is. For that effect, you’ll have to be very selectively when picking your bathroom fittings and furniture.

A recent trend, embraced by bathroom manufacturers, has been the use of small-sized ceramics for smaller spaces to provide a more fitting perception of space. Additionally, compact geometric designs are in at the moment, making these toilet options a must-have for your cloakroom suite.

There is a whole range of bathroom furniture designed especially for these spaces:

  • Cloakroom Basins

Basins are space-consuming but essential items in any bathroom, and likewise, there are purposely designed basins to optimise the available space in cloakroom suites. There are wall-hung versions that provide the illusion of a more spacious area by leaving more of the floor visible.

Other options include semi-pedestal basins or corner fitting versions for oddly shaped areas, and there is also room for more traditional options like full pedestal conventional basins but built at a smaller scale.

For cloakroom suites where you need to maximise every available area, there are even basins with incorporated towel rails for extra optimisation of space.

  • Cloakroom Vanity Units

Looking to add some storage to your cloakroom suite? There are also all-in-one basins with storage that can provide an organising space for your downstairs bathroom.

These come in many stunning designs that can suit your overall cloakroom aesthetic.

You can fit your new bathroom area with a multitude of finishes from gloss white vanity units for capitalising on light reflection to darker designer walnut surfaces to create a focal point to the décor. Vanity units also come in slimline floor stand variants or wall-hung versions making them popular furniture items for adding to cloakroom suits.

  • Cloakroom Toilets

Fitting your smaller bathroom with a toilet specially designed for cloakrooms can be easier than you think. There is a vast range of design options and shapes to perfectly suit your cloakroom without taking more space than what’s necessary. Contemporary wall hung concepts, with hidden pipes and cisterns just like back to wall toilet pans, are perfect for a minimalist inspired cloakroom.

Property value increase

Creating a cloakroom suite in your home is great for convenience purposes, but it does not stop there. Reports say that this welcome addition can boost your property’s appraisal value by up to 5%, which will future proof your investment.

In case you are not planning on moving at all, the addition of a cloakroom suite is still a significant benefit to your living conditions and will definitely come in handy for you, your family and your guests.

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