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The goal of every house owner when it comes to selling their property is obviously to maximise the sale and receive the highest price possible, but that may be difficult to achieve in today’s volatile Irish real estate market.

A fail-proof way to improve your property’s value is to renovate the bathroom. Bathrooms are dealmakers or deal-breakers when it comes to selling a house. Buyers who are visiting prospective properties will most definitely value a recently renovated and up-to-date equipped bathroom, even in the case of older or vintage properties.

And for house sellers, renovating the bathroom by giving it an aesthetic overhaul or a significant renovation will instantly increase the value of the property while also providing added convenience.

To help you start your bathroom renovation, here are some essential tips to achieve a successful transformation and increase your home’s appraisal value:

Add an extra downstairs WC or another bathroom

For homeowners who have free space to add another bathroom or downstairs WC, this can be the perfect chance to increase the value of the property and attract even more potential buyers. The convenience factor of an extra bathroom is undeniable, making mornings a lot easier without queues for early showers or for guests to use without having to reach for the main bathroom.

Update your current bathroom

If you can’t add an extra bathroom, you can still renovate your existing space. At a more affordable budget, renovating your current WC within the existing area will also raise your house value by merely rearranging the layout of the room or performing a cosmetic refresh. Consider what is required to fix or change first, and then work from there according to your budget.

Set a realistic budget for your project

Most renovation work will safeguard the property’s value when the time comes to sell it, but you should always keep a realistic and secure budget for this process. Ending up spending more in renovations than what the sale value can increase will make the entire process counterproductive.

Also, unless you can perform all the work by yourself (not recommended), you will need to spend money not only on materials and bathroom furniture but also with hiring qualified workers to do the renovation. So be wise with your budget and always keep it in line with what you can afford.

Give your bathroom a luxury feel

Upgrading your bathroom is always a great idea, but it can even propel your property to other markets if you opt for a more luxurious upgrade. Even if the rest of the house isn’t particularly luxury driven, a bathroom is a place where everybody will always welcome a more luxurious feel.

Adding a spa bathtub, mood lighting or heated floors will enhance the comfort in your bathroom and features such as a double sink or extra storage with aesthetic in mind will be perfect for couples that love great design.

These luxury touches will obviously depend on your budget and space available, as well as the timeframe for the renovations.

Renovate the fixtures

Even if you are on a tight budget, there are still ways to make an impact when renovating your bathroom and ultimately, increase your house’s value. Besides thorough cleaning and tastefully styling your bathroom space, a good idea is also to update the fixtures.

Showerheads, taps, and other bathroom fixtures can influence a prospective buyer’s opinion on the whole house. After all, it can be a telling of the overall treatment and care the property has been lacking.

Buyers will also be interested in turnkey houses and won’t really be looking to update leaky or worn out fixtures when moving in and these can drive them away from making an offer on the house. This is also an opportunity to update and upgrade since the market today presents endless ranges of showerheads and other fixtures that will be an improvement on the previous ones you had. From water-efficient designs to waterfall or rain-like streams of water, you can find numerous options for your bathroom remodelling project.

Get specialised help

Whatever you are planning for your bathroom renovation, you will need the help of certified bathroom specialists. At Odyssey Bathrooms, we know a thing or two when it comes to bathrooms and have available an incredible range of bathroom furniture and fixtures along with professionals ready to help you with completing the renovation. So, call us today and we will be happy to assist you with all your renovations plans.

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