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Recent events have led families all around the globe to spend more time inside their homes than they ever expected. With the lockdown, areas around the house such as the bathroom have been looked at as more than just a functional space. Being stuck inside meant that people were left out of their favourite places to relax, and many have turned to making their master bathroom into a Wellness centre at home.

Having your Master Bathroom turned into a place where you can take a long peaceful bath and unwind will make it a haven for when you are done with those emails and stressful work meetings and all the chaos that one can have at home these days.

A utilitarian bathroom just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially for today’s lifestyles. And when you are finally done with all the work, errands and other duties that have drained all your energies, you more than deserve a little moment for yourself to recharge batteries.

Turning your bathroom into a private, in-house spa will aid your physical and mental wellbeing. Health should not be overlooked, and neither should you have to compromise on your and your family’s comfort, rest and peace of mind. If the global pandemic has brought another concern, other than the virus itself, it was in terms of the mental wellbeing and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

But how can you turn your bathroom into a Health and Wellness retreat at home?

Bathrooms serve mainly functional purposes for personal hygiene and grooming, but these spaces can be overhauled by a well-managed blend of materials, lighting and décor. All together they can make for your personal spa space where you can isolate from noise and stress, connect with your inner peace and start a healthier life.

Shower and bath systems are the focal points of turning your functional space into a delightful wellness dedicated retreat. These systems can include hydrotherapy features to relax and soothe tired muscles and reduce stress levels.

Suppose you wish to go even further in terms of having a Spa like setting at home. In that case, you can fit domestic steam systems that provide multiple therapeutic benefits to eliminate toxins and boost your immune systems, respiration and enhance your skin qualities. Steam is also great at improving sleep, reducing stress and aiding to relax and soothe muscles.

Proper use of materials and fixtures is also essential when it comes to having a clean and safe bathroom space. For instance, suitable fitting ventilation and anti-bacterial materials will make for a safer environment free of moisture and other bacteria for your hygiene and grooming routines.

The key to having a successful transformation of a simple bathroom into a home wellness centre is to incorporate all of these features in harmony. The ability to mix light, water, colour, smell

and sound into your therapy moments will ultimately promote a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Taking a Bath

●      Lowering your blood pressure

According to studies, having a hot water bath for around 60 minutes will reduce your blood pressure and improve blood flow. Word of Caution: those with heart conditions can feel that sudden or prolonged immersions in hot water can actually stress the heart.

●      Helping to fall asleep faster

If you have difficulty sleeping and wish to fall asleep without all those turns from side to side in your sheets every night, the answer may just be a warm bath before bedtime. The hot water will raise your body temperature, but as soon as you leave the tub, it will quickly start decreasing. This sort of temperature drops leads to an increase of melatonin levels, the hormones responsible for sleep regulation. Furthermore, a meta-analysis of different sleep studies has shown that a warm bath one or two hours before bed results in falling asleep faster.

●      Reducing Inflammation

Having a steamy hot bath may provide some of the same inflammation-reducing effects as an exercise routine. When you work out, your body is briefly increasing Inflammation before producing its own anti-inflammatory chemicals. Researchers have found that soaking in a warm bathtub produces similar results in terms of anti-inflammatory benefits to those of doing exercise.

●      Burning off calories

Though it isn’t a replacement for an active lifestyle, a hot shower or bath can, again, reap some of the benefits of exercise. A steaming bath can literally burn calories. Conducted studies pointed out that participants burn as many calories by taking a warm bath as they did when taking a 30-minute walk. Again, there are many other benefits to walking and exercise that baths can’t provide, but it can help you shed a few extra calories.

●      Regulating blood sugar levels

Taking a soothing warm bath can help with blood sugar regulation as the increase in body temperature also raises your levels of heat shock proteins. These heat shock protein molecules are part of the process of regulating insulin and improving blood sugar levels.

●      A great mood booster

Though science has not yet convincingly proven this one, there is a lot of common knowledge that having a bath can be a soothing way to improve your mood. Still, a small study from Germany showed that regular baths have resulted in boosted moods from a small sample of individuals suffering from depression. Another research has also demonstrated hot water baths to lead to a decrease in cortisol levels, a.k.a. the stress hormone.

Bathroom transformations from purely functional spaces to rooms for homeowners to relax and enhance their quality of living has become a welcome trend that can make all the difference in the life of those who choose to go for it.

If you are considering investing on a complete bathroom renovation, why not go for this wellness and heath drive upgrade to your home and get your own relaxing escape without leaving the house.

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