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Having your own ensuite bathroom is a luxurious and convenient feature that most people dream about when moving house.

And, when it comes to real convenience, there is nothing on par with an ensuite bathroom. Just a few steps reach from your bedside, your private bathroom for everyday morning runs or an after-work relaxing bath.

The practicality benefits of adding an ensuite bathroom will mean you won’t have to be picking out from your bed if the shower water is already running or not, or waiting for your turn for the morning shower.

Here at Odyssey Bathrooms, our team has long surrendered to the charms of ensuite bathrooms, especially when they’re done right! A poorly thought out or badly executed ensuite job is more common than you think and it’s a dreadful sight.

Whether you’re on the look to create or renovate an ensuite bathroom, these are quite complex jobs, so follow the guidelines in this article to succeed at building your dream ensuite!


Building your ensuite has to set off from deciding about placement and space. One simple way you can make room for your ensuite is to section out a piece of a large bedroom, though for as simple as it may be it will still involve plumbing and electrics to be relocated along with tearing and building one or more walls. Stud walls are an ideal solution for this as it will be easier to make the installation of wall-mounted taps and concealed cistern for your toilet.

Saving space

An ensuite bathroom tends to be smaller than your typical dedicated bathroom, so managing and planning the available space is crucial.

Great features that help make the most of the space you have available is to install wall-hung toilets as they are vastly more space-saving and provide a better, minimalist look. Other efficient ways to manage space are corner basins or semi-pedestal basins which are smaller and give a lighter and spacious feel.


Ensuites are usually a complement to other existing master bathrooms in the household, and this means there is not generally a need for a bathtub in the ensuite. This is also great since it allows for added space-saving by fitting a shower enclosure or a walk-in shower.

Take advantage of your limited space and be creative with it. For example, you can make your shower from wall to wall or if you have a “squarer” space you can opt for a corner shower unit that will free the centre area in the ensuite.

Although, if you have more space to work with, you can plan for an alcove shower space which gives added privacy.

Make it luxurious

When you’re adding an ensuite bathroom to your bedroom space, you will have lost any moral rights to use the other bathrooms in the house as now you have your own. Hence why you should look into making it as luxurious and comfortable with everything the other bathrooms have to offer so you won’t miss out.

Accessories range

Functionality is the aim of your ensuite, and there are some accessories you cannot overlook, for practicality, comfort or aesthetics, to add to your new bathroom space:

  • Wall hung toilets

These present a modern take on toilets that are becoming quite popular as they’re stylish, compact and create a seamless, uncluttered look. In a place where real estate is scarce, these wall-hung toilets are practical, easy to clean and don’t steal from your space.

  • Heated towel rails

Bulky radiators are something from the past, and if you’re looking to heat up your space, you can do it from heated wall-mounted towel rails. Moreover, newer rails are modern and look excellent, lifting your ensuite’s aesthetic.

  • Mirror cabinets

A mirror cabinet is another ingenious solution for efficient space management since it capitalises on a bathroom essential – a mirror. Through a mirror cabinet, you’ll get your mirror and will also be adding some extra storage for keeping or even hiding smaller items. You can also get yours with embedded led lighting, super useful for grooming or makeup!

Small bathroom ideas, advice and planning

At Odyssey Bathrooms, we are experts in everything bathrooms related. On our website, you can find style guides, ideas, inspirations and bits of advice for all types of small bathrooms you can imagine, from ensuites to wetrooms. Furthermore, we have wide ranges of fittings and accessories to help your bathroom creations or renovations. Get in touch with us online or call us on 01-4936792 to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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