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Although we tend to upgrade our homes quite often with new decor or appliances, for some reason, the bathroom tends to end up on the back burner and is often the least thought about room when it comes to renovations.

However, since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the house, which most likely takes the most thumping when it comes to wear and tear, it is important to pay some much-needed attention to bathroom upgrades from time to time so here are 3 signs that your bathroom may need an upgrade right now.

1.     Family Circumstances

Our bathrooms have to fit the needs of our families since they are using it every single day. Now family situations change all the time, we may have a growing family with new additions arriving soon, or we may have fewer members of the household as kids grow up and leave home. Either way, we need a bathroom environment to suit our personal family situations, basically to make life at home that little bit easier.

So, with growing families, it may be time to add some extra facilities such as an additional washbasin, larger bathtub, or power shower, perhaps? There is nothing worse than waiting for your turn on a busy morning when something as simple as adding an extra sink could cut out the timely wait.

If the kids have left home, you may not need as much as you had before and therefore, could refurbish your bathroom to make it more of a relaxing getaway by adding a spa bathtub for relaxing night-time soaks? Also, if any of the household members have some mobility issues, it might be a good idea to turn it into a wetroom, with a practical and easily accessible walk-in shower.

Either way, family circumstances play a huge part when deciding on a suitable bathroom to fit everyone’s needs!

2.     Outdated Bathrooms

Contemporary living spaces are all about clean, minimalistic designs, so if your bathroom looks outdated, now maybe the time to give it some upgrading, to bring it into the 21st century! It doesn’t have to be a start from scratch overall, it could be simply just a new lick of paint, some new flooring and ripping off those old floral and dated tiles to simply modernise the look. If the rest of the home has modern decor, it’s a shame to leave the bathroom stuck in the old ages; give it a ‘freshen up’ in keeping with the rest of the home.

3.     If It’s Broken, Fix It!

If your bathroom is starting to show some signs of wear and tear and perhaps things are not working as they used to, now may be the time to fix these issues because if left unattended, they could possibly cost more to repair later on, especially if it involves leaks, etc. A new bathroom renovation may cost a little to do but will last you years to come, so it is well worth the investment.

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