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Refurbishing a bathroom is about more than just aesthetics. Although, of course, a beautifully refurbished bathroom is one of life’s great luxuries!

But the other huge benefit of a bathroom renovation is the value it adds to your property. Potential buyers are often put off by older bathrooms that look like they need some care and attention. Not only are they visually unappealing, but they also represent added expense and inconvenience.

This can be enough to lose a sale or be offered less money for your property.

Even if your property isn’t on the market and you have no intention of selling your property imminently, maximising the Return on Investment (ROI) is never a bad idea.

This guide looks at simple design choices that can boost the ROI of your bathroom renovation.

Top Tips for Maximising the ROI of a Bathroom Renovation

A few simple steps can boost the ROI of your bathroom makeover. But the most important fact of all is the quality of the work. Skimping on materials and the quality of the workmanship is one sure way of reducing the potential increase in your property value.

Renovating a bathroom is a big step, and substandard materials and/or workmanship will negate much of the benefits of a bathroom refurbishment. It is also a long-term investment. Nobody wants to remodel their bathroom every couple of years! Unfortunately, this can happen with poor-quality renovations.

Quality is therefore essential; this should be a given when maximising the ROI of your bathroom. But to help you further your gains, Odyssey Bathroom’s team of experts have compiled a list of top tips to help maximise the ROI of your bathroom renovation.

1.    Keep it bright

Even the smallest bathroom can be made to look roomy and airy by the clever use of light. There are lots of tips and tricks to help achieve this:

Maximise the natural light – Try to make sure your design does not inhibit the natural light from the bathroom window. Strategically placed mirrors can also amplify the light

Use light colours – light colours are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to creating the illusion of space. However, it is still often overlooked when creating a new bathroom

Don’t forget the floor! – Many people are reluctant to use light floor tiles as they tend to show up the dirt more. However, dark tiles will “shrink” the appearance of the bathroom. One great option is to choose a bright tile that incorporates a bold pattern. This still gives a bright and airy feel but doesn’t show every speck of dirt.

2.    Opt for double sinks

Where room allows, the simple addition of a double “his and her” sink unit can add value to your property. This has become an expected feature, particularly if it is the main bathroom or the ensuite for the master bedroom.

Double sinks add convenience and flexibility to any bathroom, and for potential buyers, this might be enough to sway the deal.

3.    Consider a wet room

Wetrooms are another much sought-after feature when people are house hunting. Wetrooms are a fantastic option for bathrooms of all sizes, and for sheer convenience, they are hard to beat.

Additionally, they are simple to maintain and clean, which is useful at any time, but even more so when your property is on the market. They can also incorporate the tips for keeping bathrooms bright, which means they are an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms.

Smaller bathrooms can also benefit from a wetroom refit because they save space by negating the need for shower screens and other fittings.

4.    Keep an eye on current trends

When compared to redecorating other rooms in the house, bathroom renovations are a relatively major undertaking that is expected to last for years, if not decades. Because of this, trends move comparatively sedately in bathroom fashions.

For those renovating, this means basing their design on current trends will keep their bathroom looking modern and relevant for years to come.

5.    Aim for a neutral look

Not everyone has the same tastes. When considering the tiles and permanent fixtures of your bathroom, try to aim for a more neutral look that will stand the test of time and have broad appeal.

This shouldn’t be seen as a compromise of your own tastes, though! Rather it can be looked at as a blank canvas that is there to be completed! This can be as simple as including some flashes of colour with towels and rugs. Neutral doesn’t mean boring!

6.    Add some extra touches

Try to incorporate a few luxury bonuses into the design of your bathroom. Simple things like heated towel rails are an easy and cost-effective way to add a little value and appeal to any bathroom.

Another luxury that people love is underfloor heating in a bathroom. A few impressive extras can add a lot of value to any bathroom.


Starting with a foundation of using quality materials and workmanship, the few simple tips listed above can add a whole load of value to your house when it comes time to sell. Of course, it also gives you a luxury bathroom to indulge yourself in at the same time!

At Odyssey Bathrooms, our integrated approach to bathroom design and renovation means we are your one-stop shop for all your bathroom renovations. From concept to completion, every step is undertaken by our in-house teams, and all work is undertaken with a minimum of inconvenience.

Why not call us today and discover more about how a quality bathroom refurbishment can add thousands to the value of your property.

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