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Choosing bold, bright, and colourful bathrooms isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean a bathroom has to be dull and soulless. Luxury white bathrooms can look absolutely stunning and still have plenty of character.

White bathrooms never go out of fashion. They are easy to clean and can brighten up smaller rooms giving them an airy and spacious feel. They also blend beautifully with just about any décor scheme. They can be bold and modern or subtle and contemporary.

To help you create a beautiful white bathroom, our design experts have compiled a list of their best design ideas for the ultimate luxury white bathroom.

So, whether you are updating your existing one or planning a complete bathroom renovation, these design tips will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

White Subway Tiles

If you are tiling the shower area or even the whole bathroom, then subway tiles are a great option.

When combined with black grout, the effect is stunning. The whole theme of the room can play on this contrast, so consider black metal accents around the shower cubicle and mirrors.

This also works beautifully with darker floors, and for that added touch of luxury, slate or slate effect floor tiles make the perfect match. Another great flooring option is to use black and white tiles. There are plenty of beautiful mosaic effect tiles to choose from. Or, for that retro look, opt for plain black and white square floor tiles.

White is perfect for small bathrooms

As we mentioned, white is the perfect colour for smaller bathrooms. The reflective properties of white gives any room a bright and airy feel.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with white walls and bathroom fittings. Incorporating some natural wood or wood-finished furnishings will help break up the lines and add plenty of character to the bathroom.

To add to the spacious feel, a large mirror or mirrors are a fantastic option. These can be placed strategically to capture any natural light and boost the brightness of the room.

Finally, glass shower doors are often paired with this look, as this adds to the illusion of space that this design creates.

Incorporate accent colours into the design

A plain white bathroom is a perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild. White works with any colour scheme, but to keep the bright, airy feel that white brings to the bathroom, it works particularly well with subtle accent colours.

The look and feel of a white bathroom can be accentuated and given a feeling of depth with the use of subtle accent colours. Sage greens or subtle blues are two ever-popular choices that don’t detract from the brightness of the room and don’t overpower the senses.

Opt for brassware fittings

Choosing brassware for your bathroom fittings is a fantastic way of breaking up the lines of an all-white bathroom suite. There is a massive range of brassware designs and finishes to choose from, so there is an option for all tastes.

From brushed brass ultra-modern-looking fittings right through to industrial-inspired retro designs, brassware fittings let you stamp your personality into the design of your bathroom.

White doesn’t need to be cold!

A common misconception that we hear all the time is that a white bathroom will always feel cold. Nothing could be further from the truth!

If you are looking for a warm feel and a white bathroom, then there are plenty of options. One of the most popular is to include plenty of natural wood in the design. This could be mirror surrounds, picture frames, or window and door frames.

Another option is to use plenty of texture in the bathroom. Opt for textured tiles and marble countertops that bring your bathroom to life and add a warm and luxurious feel.

The elegance of a vintage look

Opting for a vintage look is a fantastic way of creating a white bathroom that simply oozes character. Free-standing vintage tubs, classic floor tiles and beautifully retro fittings can be combined with classic furniture designs and aged wood touches to bring old-fashioned luxury to any bathroom.

Incorporate small bursts of bright colours

Bright bathrooms can be bold and beautiful too! Simply adding bursts of colour throughout the bathroom can give a white room a bold and colourful feel. This doesn’t need to be much – Shower curtains, towels and face cloths, and wall-hangings can all become focal points that bring a little pizazz to white bathrooms.

Summing up

Fashions are fickle things. What is a must-have today can be dated tomorrow. White bathrooms buck this trend. They have rightfully earned their place as a timeless classic. Luxury white bathrooms are versatile enough to have options to suit all tastes and can turn plain bathrooms into bright and vibrant or subtle and calming spaces.

At Odyssey Bathrooms, our design experts and skilled tradesmen can quickly transform any bathroom into a luxury white bathroom. Why not call us today and find out more about our bathroom design and installation services.

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