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If you are renovating your bathroom, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is the tile you choose. It is essential to get this decision right, these tiles will be the backdrop of your bathroom for years, if not decades.

In this guide, we have compiled some helpful hints and tips to help you choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Why it is important to choose the perfect tile for your bathroom

Bathroom renovations are a bigger undertaking than renovating practically any other room in the house (kitchen renovations aside). The fixtures, fittings, and wall coverings you choose will be with you for years. Compare this to choosing the wrong paint colour for your bedroom, and the differences are obvious. A mistake with the paint colour will cost a few Euros and a weekend with a paintbrush to rectify.

If you make a mistake with the choice of tiles, then rectifying it is a major undertaking.

Here are our top tips for making sure you choose the right tiles for your bathroom:

1.    Choosing the right size of tile

There is a general rule of thumb that dictates that the larger space you are tiling, the bigger tiles you can get away with using. This is correct up to a point, but other considerations can affect the choice of the tile where size is concerned.

One factor that affects this decision is the layout of the area to be tiled. Large tiles can look out of place when too many cuts have to be made. So, when choosing the correct size of bathroom tile, it is important to consider the layout. If too many cuts have to be made because of windows, shower cubicles, recesses, and other obstacles, then a smaller tile is likely to look better.

Proportions are important too. This is relevant if you opt for different sizes of tiles, perhaps different sizes for the walls and floors.

For example, if you use 900 x 900 tiles for the floor, then the wall tiles you choose should be able to match this. In this case, tiles of 300 x 300 or 450 x 450, would work. This lets you match grout lines from wall to floor.

2.    Selecting the right style of tile

While this is a very personal decision, some pointers can help keep you keep on the right track without compromising the “personal aspect” of the choice. Asking yourself the following questions can help to choose the perfect style of tile.

– Is your house modern or more traditional? You will want to select tiles that match the feel of the rest of the house.

– Do you want to be bold or understated? If you are unsure about this, then play it safe and opt for neutral colours with minimum designs. Boldness can always be incorporated later with décor and even with the colour of your towels and rugs.

– Do you want your bathroom to look bigger or smaller? Darker tiles will make your bathroom look smaller, use lighter ones for the opposite effect.

3.    Choosing the right material

This is a choice that is affected by both budget and aesthetics. For more traditional-looking bathrooms, then, porcelain and ceramic tiles are excellent choices. Both these options are available in a wide range of patterns and also in gloss and matt finishes. This means there are options available for any taste.

From Floor to Ceiling – Odyssey Bathrooms Has it Covered

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom renovation is made easy if you have professionals on your side. At Odyssey Bathrooms, our complete bathroom renovation services make it easy to get the bathroom of your dreams, with the perfect tile fitted as standard!

Our design team will work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion, to make sure your bathroom renovation is the perfect makeover. Why not contact us today to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect tile for the perfect bathroom renovation?

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