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Modern bathrooms should be attractive and functional spaces. Gone are the days of the cold, boring appearance bathrooms.

Innovating in the bathroom is not always easy, most homes and apartments come with white porcelain flooring, white sinks, white pots and toilets without personality and at that time it seems like ideas do not flow right, you want to change, but not sure how.

Are you looking for ideas to transform your bathroom into a modern bathroom?

There are several options to decorate this type of spaces, but a modern decoration is the most popular and perhaps one of the easiest to match with the rest of the house´s decor.

When talking about modern bathrooms, one must think of technology, materials and an environment that meets contemporary needs, allowing people to enjoy every moment of their precious time.

A well designed, decorated and organised bathroom will not only enhance your home but will also help to improve your state of mind.

Getting home after a long, stressful day at work and taking a refreshing (and well-deserved) bath is something we all want to do. Experts claim that submerging in water brings health benefits because it lowers the level of stress and prepares the body to “have” better and faster sleep. After all the bathroom is a place to relax, relieve stress and renew energies!

The decoration in this environment should combine aesthetics with functionality with modern materials and shapes, and clean, simple geometric lines.

Make your bathroom beautiful and your home modern!

One novelty trend is the use of porcelain tiles in large sizes imitating noble stones, marbles, and granites. Even though these options are a bit more expensive, they do not even come close to the value of a piece of real stone. And the quality is incredible!

Porcelain tiles that mimic wood, cement, and even copper are also trends in the market for wall tiles, as well as embossed pieces that create charming textures in any modern bathroom.

Faucets are an essential element when designing or renovating a bathroom. The different shapes, finishes, technologies, and styles can provide the environment with functionality and design. The faucets can also give a new charm to the bathroom, whether they are wall mounted, or countertop taps.

Wall hung toilets are super trendy, and there are several reasons for this: first, they are very modern, giving any bathroom an extremely minimalist and contemporary look; Also, they are easier to clean, since, as a rule, the flush is inside the wall; Finally, the fact that they do not settle on the floor facilitates cleaning, as the vacuum cleaner can be moved underneath, as well as the mop.

Cabinets are also essential in bathrooms; they are an indispensable item to store towels, cleaning products and toiletries. The floating footless cabinets are a modern option, but the height between the floor and the cabinet must be high enough for easy cleaning.

Technology should also be present in a modern bathroom, from Mirror Cabinets with led lights, heated floors, heated towel rails, seat heating and intelligent discharge, to top of the line shower systems.

Modern designed bathrooms are inviting, guarantee the rest for the body and the ease allied to the best use of the available spaces and top-quality materials.

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