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An old bathroom can be boring, outdated, and even a safety hazard. If you are experiencing leaky taps, plumbing problems, cramped spatial layout, dull and dreary design, and safety issues, it is time for you to remodel your bathroom. A lot of people who are growing old, have mobility issues, or have young children at home are often concerned about the safety features of their bathroom and contemplate performing a full bathroom renovation for safety reasons.

Modern bathrooms are undoubtedly safer and come with enhanced safety features to make them user-friendly for not just seniors and mobility challenged users, but also provide ease of use to youngsters and families.

Here are a few suggestions for changes you can make for a safer remodelled bathroom:

  • Safety lighting features

Using a bathroom in darkness or at night is a common cause of slippages and accidents. Not only seniors but youngsters may also trip and fall while using the bathroom in darkness. Little children are often scared of accessing a dark bathroom. This may lead to incidents of bed-wetting due to their fear of using the bathroom at night. One of the easiest solutions to overcome this fear is the installation of modern safety lighting features. These lights can be motion-sensor activated to turn on automatically when they detect human presence.

  • Shower benches

Shower benches are a much-needed safety addition to modern bathrooms. They allow you to enjoy a shower or Jacuzzi-type jet spray at leisure while you sit in a safe bench without worrying about slippage. Shower benches are also great for seniors who may fear accidental falling if they experience weariness or imbalance while in the shower.

  • Wet rooms

Wet rooms provide seamless access to the bathing area. They eliminate steps and are flush to the surface of the floor. Not only do they help in easy access of wheelchairs for people with limited mobility, but they are also a blessing as it reduces the chances of tripping over or missing steps that lead to nasty accidents and falls. Also, with added space, wet rooms make bathing a comfortable experience.

  • Safety shower handles

If you are looking to give your bathroom a safer make-over, safety shower handles are a must-have in your bathroom. So often we have heard people falling in the bathroom simply because they lost their balance? Safety shower handles are usually made of sturdy stainless steel and are fixed in the shower area for giving much-needed support to seniors, users with limited mobility, as well as children. All you need to do is hold the handle and avoid chances of accidental falls.

  • Slip-proof surface

Slippery and smooth tiles are the main culprits behind slipping incidents in the bathroom, especially as you try to manoeuvre yourself across slippery floors with wet feet. Modern bathrooms may be fitted with special slip-proof surfaces that prevent painful accidents and falls. You may also equip your bathing area with slip-free mats.

Give your family a safe bathroom with a stylish and modern upgrade.

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