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What exactly is a wet room?

In the past decade or so, wet rooms have become more and more popular.  The definition of a wet room is a space where the shower is either completely open or is set behind a single wall, with the most important feature being that the base of the shower is flush with the rest of the floor.  A notion that was born in Scandinavia, a wet room is a stylish way to make even the smallest shower room look bigger and it’s easy to see why so many people are seeking this as part of their bathroom or shower room solution.

But is a wet room the best idea for everyone?  In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of a wet room over a more traditional option to help you decide if it’s the best solution for your project.

Why are wet rooms such a great idea?

  • Anyone can have one.  Contrary to popular belief, a wet room isn’t an interior choice reserved only for those who have ground floor bathrooms.  Wet rooms can be installed in apartments, on first floors and even in a room with a wooden floor.
  • It takes up little space.  If you have a small space that you’d like to convert into a shower room, a wet room is the perfect solution because it calls for so little space.
  • It creates an illusion of increased space.  Because there is no division in your room caused by a shower tray, even the smallest of spaces will seem sizeable in a wet room setting.  That said, in small rooms it’s normally advisable to have some sort of division between the shower and the sink and toilet area to avoid too much splashing.  And a glass partition is the perfect solution here because it doesn’t break the line of the room.
  • It’s great for families.  If you have small kids, you can rest assured that they’ll not only have great fun in a wet room, but they’ll be able to splash about as much as they like without driving you crazy when it comes time to clear up!
  • It’s the perfect option for anyone who is disabled or has reduced mobility.  With no steps to negotiate and no sides to climb, a wet room is ideal for anyone who struggles to get about and needs all the space they can get.

The only real downside of a wet room

  • It’s not normally suited to DIY installation.  Because there’s so much water involved and so little protection, a wet room installation is normally best carried out by the pros.  Even though it is possible to buy a wet room kit, the slopes required to make sure water drains away effectively, the waterproofing that’s required and the positioning of the drain are all pretty technical and essential to get right.  It’s for all these reasons, plus the finishing, that getting a professional wet room fitter to do the work for you is far and away the best solution.

If you’ve got a wet room on your radar and would like some expert advice, why not get in touch?  At Odyssey Bathrooms, we’re Dublin’s professional wet room specialists and can take your project from beginning to end, without hitches and on budget.  Before we start, we’ll help you make the right decisions for your wet room, without obligation and in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best advice.

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