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For reasons of disruption, budget and even priority, people often put off replacing their bathroom suite.  It’s definitely easier to buy a new sofa and re-look your lounge than change your bathroom suite, but if you know you need to focus on your bathroom, 2015’s the year to do it.

Here are 10 Telltale Signs that you need a new bathroom suite:

  1. Your bathroom suite is quite simply outdated in colour, shape or form eg.  it’s avocado with a weird shaped bath or sink. While a handful of people seem to be able to manage to make even the most outdated bathroom suite look funky and stylish, the majority of us fail miserably.  A bathroom suite that simply looks like it has been inherited from your great grandmother says a whole lot about your home and is probably ready to go in the skip.
  2. You’re never done fixing dripping taps.  Dripping taps on their own don’t necessarily call for a whole new bathroom suite, but are a real telltale sign that an old suite could be on its last legs.  If you’re fed up of listening to the money you spend on your water bill going down the drain, it’s probably time to look at your overall bathroom situation.
  3. The sink, the bath and the shower seem to take it in turns to leak.  Leaks can create havoc with flooring, ceilings and worse. Beams can rot and the whole structure of your house can be at risk if leaks are serious and left unfixed.  If your sink, bath or shower are forever springing leaks there’s no doubt that an update could be on the agenda.
  4. The toilet doesn’t flush and when it does it backs up.  Once again, a problematic toilet on its own doesn’t normally warrant a whole new bathroom suite, but if toilet problems are the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to your bathroom suite, it’s probably time to bite the bullet.
  5. Your bathroom simply “doesn’t go” with the rest of your house.  If you’ve modernised and re-looked every room in your house but have left the bathroom to last, the chances are that it now sticks out like a sore thumb!  Changing your bathroom suite is loads less hassle than you imagine if you work with the right team.  The message is simple: Don’t put it off any longer!
  6. There’s mold and discolouration everywhere.  Mould and discolouration on your bath, sink or toilet, don’t only look bad, but they can be real harbours of germs and dirt.  If you’re struggling to clean your bathroom suite properly, you really should be thinking about throwing in the towel and making the decision to change it.
  7. The room smells damp and you’re sure there are leaks that you can’t see.  Leaks are bad enough when you can see them, but the leaks you can’t see can be really bad news.  If your bathroom suite is so old that it’s leaking in places that you can’t even see; beware.  Water dripping slowly on to beams can cause serious long-term havoc.  So if your room smells damp and you suspect there may be invisible leaks, don’t wait until the whole thing costs you a fortune.
  8. You know you’re throwing good money after bad in trying to make it last.  If you keep changing your bathroom flooring, your tiles or even just your towels and accessories in the hope that you’ll make your bathroom look better, but it doesn’t, then the truth is that you probably need to take more drastic action.
  9. You never want to just go in there and relax.  Soaking in a warm, deep bubble bath with candles all around is one of the most relaxing rituals in the world.  If you dream of doing this but don’t want to because your bathroom stresses you out, then the reality is; it’s time to change.
  10. When you have guests, you just hate when they ask where the loo is.  The cringe you feel when people you don’t know all that well make a judgement on your house is awful.  If you feel as if your bathroom’s saying all the wrong things about you…take action!

At Odyssey Bathrooms, we fit new bathroom suites from planning to finishing.  We provide a full project management service which means that you can get shot of that old bathroom suite in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands and your new bathroom will be operational in no time.  Why not get in touch to find out more?

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