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If you’re beginning to plan a bathroom renovation, there are some key considerations – especially when it comes to your wet area. Not only is this area a focal point of any bathroom, but it’s essential to get it right so that’s it’s future-proof. Your bathroom’s wet area is the place in your home that is used the most apart from your kitchen, perhaps. This means it takes a lot of abuse daily and, by its nature, comes into daily exposure to water, oils, and dirt.

When we talk of redesigning your bathroom’s wet area, we can mean one of a few things. We could be talking of a minor makeover to a full-scale bathroom renovation. Nowadays, there are some commonly chosen renovation options. These often include replacing a bathtub, converting a tub to a shower or adding a walk-in shower. Typically, major renovation work like this will need professional input from bathroom renovation experts like Odyssey Bathrooms, as this will ensure the best results.

In this article, we will discuss bathroom wet areas and how an upgrade to this area can increase your return on investment.

What is a bathroom wet area? 

When we talk of the wet area, we’re referring to the parts of the bathroom like the bathtub and shower areas that are frequently exposed to a lot of water.

The bathroom wet area has frequent exposure to water at varying temperatures. This means that these items are prone to becoming damaged or being worn out over time. When you renovate this area with waterproof, high-quality materials like porcelain, stone, and premium acrylic, your bathroom’s functionality will improve. With high-quality installations, your new bathroom will last for decades to come.

Why renovate your wet area? What benefits are there?

With a bathroom renovation, especially of the wet area, your entire household (and any guests) will reap the benefits. Having a walk-in shower, for example, will enhance the accessibility and safety of your home. If anyone in your family (or guests that visit) has limited mobility or are at risk of falling or slipping, a walk-in shower will be more convenient and safer for all.

If you’re not worried about safety, its functionality and aesthetics are probably what you’re thinking about. Dirty, ageing bathrooms really devalue a home – and they can harbour smells too. Even if it’s just a simple bathtub replacement, a shower replacement, bath conversion or any other quick bathroom renovation idea, your property will no doubt increase in value with this improved space.

What type of wet area renovations are offered?

When you choose Odyssey Bathrooms to do the renovation of your bathroom’s wet area there are lots of different choices available. It’s really easy to choose what you want and tailor your renovation work to your budget. Now, let’s look at some of the most frequent upgrades that can be carried out and explain how your home can benefit:

Walk-in Shower Installations:

If you have a step-in shower that’s high-walled and you want to replace it with a walk-in design that is waterproof, has a no-barrier entry, non-slip flooring and easy accessibility, this can be achieved. Anyone who is elderly, uses a wheelchair or has mobility issues will benefit from this type of installation.

Walk-in showers or wetrooms have many benefits and can be completely customised to be easily accessible and safe for each member of your household, independent of their age, size or disabilities.

Bathtub Replacements: 

If you have an outdated bathtub or one that’s showing signs of wear and tear, replacing it is a fairly simple way of getting your bathroom to look good again. It’s quite common for bathtubs to be replaced in older homes as the porcelain often becomes damaged over time and starts to get rusty.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions:

Some people much prefer taking a shower to a bath. This often leaves the bathroom with an unused bathtub taking up a lot of space. Converting your tub to a shower will maximise the available space and upgrade the look of your bathroom. You can get new wet room areas or shower enclosures that are custom-made with waterproof tiles and glass doors, creating a wondering shower space.

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